Nature Therapy (Ecotherapy)

girl in sunshineSunshine feels good.  Now we know that it’s good for us, as well.  It’s not just that the Vitamin D in sunlight is a natural anti-depressant; research shows that being outdoors has many beneficial effects on our physical and emotional well-being.

In my Berkeley office-plus-garden, you can enjoy nature’s restorative effects while receiving support for life’s challenges.  Having a view of green space from the comfort of the office chair can, by itself, help soothe frayed nerves.  Many clients also enjoy walking through the garden at the start or the end of a session to connect with a sense of calm and peace.  Proximity to nature can also amplify the benefits (and add to the enjoyment) of therapeutic mindfulness practices.  We can also work together to integrate more nature contact into your weekly routine, so that you can continue to benefit from nature’s freely available, life-enhancing gifts.

A growing body of research supports the effectiveness of nature therapy, as noted in this WebMD article.  If you think nature therapy could help you, please contact me for more information.