Approach to therapy

Warm, astute, and down to earth, I have a practical and optimistic approach to therapy.  As we work through difficulties together, I will help you to nurture positive feelings through direct experience.  For example, we may take a walk through the garden at the start of a session, using mindfulness techniques to cultivate stability.  As an attentive listener, I will help you to notice connections between your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, facilitating deeper self-awareness and insight.  As a supportive coach, I will help you find new ways of thinking about – and responding to – life’s challenges.

I am clear and open about the therapeutic modalities that I use, and welcome your questions and feedback about our work together.  My practice is grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), arguably the most effective of the three main psychotherapy modalities.  We can also integrate mindfulness practices into our sessions, which work with CBT to help you sustain and deepen positive changes.  I use techniques from other therapy modalities as appropriate, including nature therapy (also known as ecotherapy).  I am happy to explain these approaches and how they work, both before and during the course of therapy.

I will check in with you regularly to review our progress towards your goals and your satisfaction with our work.  When you reach your goals, you may choose to graduate from therapy, or continue towards deeper levels of understanding.  Our work together will be a collaborative partnership, in which you will have guidance, information, influence, and choice.